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Available Seats

Below is a list of seats made available by the UWC International Office to our National Committee for our nominations for Entry 2024. Those who are eligible and wish to apply through our NC will be applying for a chance to be nominated for one of the following seats in the table.

Note: All seats for Entry 2024 are partially-funded or not funded at all, meaning we have no full scholarships to offer this year. As part of the application process, UWC requires conducting a needs-basis assessment to determine how much %, if any, scholarship is awarded for the partially funded seats.

No. School Location Seat type
1 Li Po Chun Hong Kong Partial funding
2 UWC Atlantic Wales, UK NO funding
3 UWC Changshu China Changshu, China Partial funding
4 UWC Costa Rica Santa Ana, Costa Rica 1 partial funding + 1 NO funding
5 UWC Dilijan Dilijan, Armenia Partial funding
6 UWC Maastricht Maastricht, the Netherlands NO funding
7 UWC Mahindra College Pune, India Partial funding
8 UWC Red Cross Nordic Flekke, Norway NO funding
9 UWC Thailand Phuket, Thailand 1 partial funding + 1 NO funding


If you are ready to apply, go to Apply Now and follow the instructions.