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Application FAQs

How do I apply to UWC?

Carefully read and review the UWC How to Apply page and ensure that you meet the NC's Eligibility & Selection Criteria. Once applications are open, there will be a clear "Apply Now" button at the top of our website that will take you to the application portal to submit your application.

Can I apply to a specific UWC school?

UWC applications are general applications to the program i.e. not to one particular school. Every year, the International Office (UWC IO) provides each National Committee (NC) with a limited number of Available Seats at specific schools. Once you apply to the NC and if you are accepted, the NC will nominate you to a specific school based on your performance, preferences and needs. We give applicants the chance to inform us of their preferred school and we always try to match accepted applicants with their preferred schools as much as possible.

Are all available seats on full scholarships?

No, UWC conducts financial assessments for all applicants that are shortlisted to determine their ability to cover fees. That and the available funding available for each seat, determines the final % of scholarship. Note that there is a possibility that families may be asked to cover all the fees.

Fees vary depending on the school. More info can be found by accessing the UWC Schools & Colleges page, clicking on the respective College from the map and following the admission links to their website.

What do you typically ask for in applications?

The online application will ask you to provide the following:

  1. Basic information about yourself and your parents/guardians
  2. Answer a few short essay questions
  3. Your transcripts (grades) from the current and past year
  4. Financial documents from parents/guardians to prove their current financial situation
  5. Two recommendation letters
  6. Shortlisted applicants will be asked to sit for an interview
How will I be contacted about my application? 

We will contact you through to confirm your application was received, to ask for any clarifications or further documents, and to let you know once we have made a decision regarding your application.

For any other questions, always feel free to email us.